Milad Tower

Welcome to the center of Tehran, where you'll find the impressive Milad Tower reaching up into the sky. As you prepare for your trip to this lively city, make sure to visit this amazing piece of architecture that's now a famous symbol of Tehran. Let's explore what you can discover at the Milad Tower complex.



A Towering Marvel

Milad Tower is an impressive tower that stands at a height of 435 meters, proudly ranking as the sixth-tallest telecommunications tower globally. This remarkable tower has fascinated both residents and visitors, transforming into more than just a tower – it's now a center of entertainment and culture.


Unveiling Tehran's Treasures

Milad Tower is not just a simple structure – it's a place filled with many things to do. The tower's space is split into commercial, and tourism parts.While there is charges for inside parts, the outside sections and the wide Milad Tower area are accessible to everyone. You can find a variety of services and facilities there.



An Entertainment Wonderland

The charm of Milad Tower extends beyond its height and architecture. Step into a world of excitement as you explore various attractions within the complex:

Dolphinarium: Start your journey with the delightful dolphinarium, home to a charismatic sea lion and two playful dolphins named Alpha and Kasia. Watch them perform acrobatic feats, creating a magical experience.


Enigma Escape Room: If you're an adventure lover, the Enigma Escape Room offers an hour of exciting puzzles and challenges in group settings. Take on missions like "The Lost Statue" and "The Mysterious Murder" to put your problem-solving skills to the test.

Zipline and Suspension Bridge: If you're looking for some excitement, the zipline and suspension bridge provide thrilling adventures. Glide along a 170-meter path at a height of 75 meters, or walk across the suspension bridge at 70 meters high, reaching speeds of 60 to 70 kilometers per hour.


Sky Dome: Go up to the Sky Dome, a mesmerizing area located 300 meters high. Explore intricate designs that showcase the four elements – fire, earth, wind, and water – and prepare to be amazed.


Open Viewing Platform: Feel the excitement of being high up on the open viewing platform on the seventh floor. Enjoy a full view in every direction, letting you take in the stunning scenery of Tehran all around you.


Delicious Dining Experiences at Various Levels:

- Viona Cafe: Take a trip to Viona Cafe, situated 266 meters high, and savor a cup of coffee while enjoying wide-ranging views.

- Fresh Way Restaurant: When you're in the mood for something quick, Fresh Way Restaurant has a selection of fast-food choices to satisfy your hunger.

- Ivan Traditional Restaurant: Treat yourself to tasty Iranian cuisine at Ivan Traditional Restaurant. Explore a diverse menu while taking in a full 360-degree view.

- Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant: Enhance your dining adventure at the renowned revolving restaurant. Delight in international dishes as the restaurant completes a full rotation every hour.



Access ways to Milad Tower: 

You have 2 ways to access Milad Tower: 

1. Sheikh Fazlullah Nouri Highway, Shahid Hemmat highway entrance, Milad Tower exclusive bypass or Hakim Gharb highway, after Chamran highway, Milad Tower exclusive entrance or Hammet East highway, Sheikh Fazllullah Nouri South highway exit, Milad Tower exclusive cable bridge

 2. If you want to go to tower by public transport, you should choose buses and taxis that pass by Hemet Highway and in front of Milad Hospital. After getting off, you should board the services that will take you to the hospital and Milad Tower entrance gate. Then walk on a steep path for about 300 meters and then reach the tower. Milad Tower parking is charged per car but varies during the week and on weekends and holidays. 



You can visit the following attractions near Milad Tower

Tabiat Bridge: 6 km

Pardisan Park: 5.7 km

Masoudiya Mansion: 14 km

Tehran Bird Garden: 20 km


What hotels are there to stay near Milad Tower?

Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran: 10 km

Tehran Lale Hotel: 11 km

Omid Tehran Hotel: 11 km

Parsian Evin Hotel in Tehran: 15 km


What restaurants and canteens are near Milad Tower

Gennaro Italian Restaurant: 8 km

Tarkhon restaurant: 8 km

Rouhi Restaurant: 8.4 km

Narenjestan Restaurant: 8.9 km

SPU restaurant: 14 km


Practical Information

Milad Tower's opening hours can vary, but usually, it's open to visitors from 10 am to 10 pm. However, special events might extend these hours until midnight. There are different ticket options that allow entry to different parts of the tower. This way, you can customize your visit based on what you'd like to experience.


Milad Tower is more than just a tower – it's a complete adventure. It offers stunning views, thrilling activities, cultural exploration, and delicious dining. Whether you're from the area or traveling from afar, Milad Tower invites you to have an incredible experience in the skies and beyond. It's where history meets modern excitement, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Qaaph warmly invites you to be part of the Milad Tower experience. Embark on this captivating journey, immerse yourself in its grandeur, and create memories that will always shine brightly in your mind. Explore, indulge, and seize the chance to discover the treasures of Tehran's iconic gem – Milad Tower.


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