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Iran stands out as a prime destination for rhinoplasty, due to the impeccable reputation of Iranian surgeons in the field of plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty. With their skill and dedication to artistry, Iranian surgeons can help you achieve the beautiful and harmonious nose you desire.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Comprehensive package for your rhinoplasty procedure, ensuring a worry-free journey from start to finish. Complete the rhinoplasty journey with a hospital-based procedure, dedicated recovery support, and comprehensive post-operative care.

Medical Supervision: Essential medical tests to ensure your suitability for surgery, and have regular clinic visits to monitor progress.

Visual Transformation: Capture your transformation with professional medical photography, and receive guidance on post-operative wound care and recovery exercises.

Medication and Follow-Up: Access essential medications for comfort during recovery, and stay connected with your surgeon through follow-up consultations.

T-Visa Authorization Code

T-Visa Authorization Code

A T-Visa Authorization Code issued by the U.S. government is primarily related to immigration status in the United States.

To obtain a medical visa for rhinoplasty treatment in the Islamic Republic of Iran, applicants should visit https://evisa.mfa.ir, complete the online form, and find all visa-related information on the website.

As visa information may be updated from time to time, we recommend checking the updated requirements in the system first before selecting rhinoplasty treatment.

We can help with the T-visa authorization code (if needed), but please note that a separate visa fee is not included in this package, and the patient is responsible for covering this fee when receiving the visa.

Pick-Up & Transfer

Pick-Up & Transfer

Hassle-free transportation services, including airport pick-up and private transfers between your hotel and the clinic/hospital.

Private and Secure: Enjoy transfers between your hotel and the clinic or hospital, prioritizing your safety and comfort.

Timely Arrivals: We pride ourselves on punctuality, ensuring you arrive at your appointments and you rhinoplasty treatments on time without any stress.

Availability: Our pick-up and transfer services are available 24/7, accommodating your schedule and any unexpected changes.

Peace of Mind: With hassle-free transportation, you can focus on your medical care and recovery while we take care of the logistics.



Enjoy a comfortable 7-night stay in a three-star to five-star hotel, ideally located near the clinic or hospital for your convenience.

Hotel Options: Choose from a range of comfortable three to five-star hotels, tailored to your preferences and budget.

Ideal Locations: Our hotels are strategically situated near the clinic or hospital, minimizing travel time and ensuring your convenience.

Comfort and Amenities: Experience a relaxing environment with well-appointed rooms and access to hotel amenities such as dining, Wi-Fi, and leisure facilities.

Professional Service: Get the best hospitality and service from hotel staff, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free stay.

Additional Services

Additional Services

We provide various supplementary services to enhance your experience.

24/7 On-Call Assistance: We're available 24/7 to address any concerns or questions you may have, ensuring constant support and guidance.

Translator Services: Our professional translator facilitates communication with medical staff and locals.

SIM Card any SIM card and internet access for easy communication and information.

Personalized Support: Our services are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a personalized and exceptional experience.

Safety and Comfort: These services prioritize your safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction

Is Iran the Right Choice for My Rhinoplasty?

Iran offers a comprehensive package for a safe and successful rhinoplasty experience. It includes a skilled cadre of surgeons, modern and well-equipped medical facilities and cost-effective options. Iran's reputation as a global center for rhinoplasty underscores its expertise in this field.

Beyond its medical credentials, Iran extends to its vibrant culture and welcoming population. A glimpse of testimonial videos featuring satisfied rhinoplasty patients in Iran who have had their procedures done in Iran can help explain why the country stands out as an exceptional destination for your own nose surgery.

Is Iran the Right Choice for My Rhinoplasty?
Cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Iran

Cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Iran

Rhinoplasty procedures in Iran are often more cost-effective compared to many other countries, making it an attractive option for those seeking value for their investment.

The cost of a primary nose surgery in Iran typically falls within the range of $1500 to $3500, depending on various factors such as the choice of doctor, hospital, clinic, and other considerations.

Our prices are typically in line with or may exceed the average of this range due to our commitment to providing high-quality services and the exceptional expertise of our surgeons.

Information About Our Partner Hotels

Our partnerships extend to a carefully curated selection of three- to five-star hotels, both in Tehran and various other cities. Your hotel choice will depend on the specific package you opt for and the proximity of the hospital or clinic where your treatment is scheduled. Rest assured, we make every effort to ensure that your hotel accommodation aligns seamlessly with your needs. You will receive advance notifications containing the hotel's name, comprehensive details, and visual references for your convenience.

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Rhinoplasty in Iran: Essential Information

Iran is renowned as the global hub for rhinoplasty, boasting the highest number of procedures per capita, surpassing even the United States. The country benefits from a wealth of highly-trained specialists who perform a wide range of both cosmetic and medically necessary nose surgeries.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a "nose job," is a plastic surgery procedure aimed at modifying, reshaping, or reconstructing the nose. Typically performed for cosmetic purposes, rhinoplasty involves surgical alterations to the nasal bone or cartilage. However, it can also address functional issues, such as breathing difficulties resulting from a deviated septum, a procedure known as septoplasty.

What Can Rhinoplasty Correct?

Rhinoplasty serves both aesthetic and medical purposes, with common issues addressed including:

  • Crooked or asymmetrical noses
  • Nose size in relation to facial features
  • Prominent nasal bridge or dorsal hump (often called a 'hook nose')
  • Excessive width of the nose
  • Bulbous, droopy, or enlarged nasal tip
  • Inequitable or uneven nostrils

Why is Iran Noteworthy for Rhinoplasty?

Iran has earned its reputation as the world's go-to destination for rhinoplasty. The desire for a refined, straight nose has surged among Iranians, making the nation a hotbed for this cosmetic procedure. This trend has led to Iran having the highest rhinoplasty rate globally.

Rhinoplasty services extend beyond Tehran, the capital, to other major cities such as Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, and even Kish Island. These cities host a cadre of skilled nose surgeons who cater to both domestic and international patients.

Iran's expertise in nose reshaping also attracts health tourists, including individuals from Middle Eastern countries. Notable foreign celebrities, such as Pixee Fox and Rodrigo Alves, have sought rhinoplasty in Iran.

Rhinoplasty Costs in Iran

Iran offers affordable healthcare services, making plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty, cost-effective. On average, a rhinoplasty procedure in Iran can be up to 80% less expensive than in the United States (including all expenses), 60% less than in Australia, 50% less than in Germany, and 30% less than in India. The pricing of rhinoplasty packages varies based on factors like the surgeon's experience, the type of accommodation, and additional services.

Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Iran

Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons are globally recognized for their knowledge and proficiency. They have graduated from prestigious universities in Iran and the United States, pursued advanced courses, and completed fellowships in specialized fields. These surgeons often handle a high volume of cases, performing as many as 100 surgeries a month.

What sets Iranian rhinoplasty surgeons apart is their ability to address diverse cases, including different nose shapes and deformities. They also excel in providing personalized consultations, placing a strong emphasis on understanding patients' desires and maintaining a harmonious aesthetic with other facial features.