Bird Garden in Mashhad


Discovering the Wonderful Bird Garden of Mashhad

Welcome to a special place in Mashhad, a city full of surprises. Here, you'll find the Bird Garden of Mashhad. It's a magical spot where the sounds of birds mix with amazing views of nature. If you love birds or just want a peaceful break from the busy city, this beautiful garden is a must-see. Let's explore its charm, history, and what you can enjoy when you come to visit.



A Peek at a Bird Lover's Paradise

Opened in 2013, the Mashhad Bird Garden has added vibrant colors to the city. It's the only Bird Garden in the eastern part of Iran, displaying more than 700 birds from various places. You can see unique birds that are native to Iran, Asia, and Africa. Despite facing some difficulties in recent times, the garden's charm is as strong as ever.


The Allure of the Bird Garden

Visiting the Bird Garden is an experience like no other, capturing both the eyes and the heart. Meandering through paved paths and wooden bridges, you'll discover a paradise of tranquillity enhanced by artificial waterfalls, wooden sanctuaries, verdant spaces, and a profusion of blossoms. Yet, it's the birds that truly steal the show, each an ambassador of its unique charm and grace.



A Glimpse into the Past and Present

While you visit, knowing the garden's past is valuable. It was created with great care and funding, providing excellent services at first. Yet, over time, the quality lowered. But there's hope – the Bird Garden can regain its greatness and offer better experiences in the future.



Feathers of Diversity: Birds from Around the World

Dive into a world of colorful bird marvels as you explore the garden's many sections, each housing unique bird types. In the beginning, the garden displayed birds grouped by where they came from, showing different habitats from around the world. Although the collection has changed, its spirit is the same, even if there are fewer rare birds now. As you admire these amazing animals, remember that your visit helps take care of them.


A Family-Friendly Oasis

The garden welcomes people of all ages, making sure both kids and grown-ups have a great time. There are playgrounds for children, making it a nice spot for families to have fun together. You can enjoy food at the garden's buffets, and you also have the option to explore nearby restaurants. If you're curious and want more, you can check out Almas Shahr and Sharq complexes, which have more things to see and do very close by.

Navigating the Path to Serenity

You can find this garden at Khayyam Square, a famous location. It's easy to reach by both public and private transport. If you're driving, take Shahid Cheraghchi Highway and go toward northern Khayyam Boulevard and Sepad Square from Khayyam Square. Then, turn onto Baharstan Boulevard and follow signs for "Bāgh-e Parandegān" (Garden of Birds).

In conclusion, the Bird Garden of Mashhad beckons, a sanctuary where humanity and nature intertwine harmoniously. Embark on an adventure of sight and sound, celebrating the marvels of avian life while contributing to their well-being. Let the Mashhad Bird Garden be your gateway to moments of serenity and awe, where memories are forged amid the symphony of fluttering wings.

What other sights can be visited?

Almas East Complex: 200 meters

Professor Bazima Science Park: 300 meters

Aftab Beach Park: 450 meters

Diamond Game City: 650 meters


What hotels are there near Mashhad Bird Garden to stay in?

Homa 2 Hotel: 4.7 km

Tos Tourist Hotel Mashhad: 5.6 km

Diplomat Hotel: 7.6 km

Homa Hotel: 8 km

Sahara Hotel: 11 km

What restaurants and canteens are near the Mashhad Bird Garden?

Bam Almas Sharq restaurant: 200 meters

Wasal restaurant: 300 meters

Max fast food: 300 meters

Hourglass restaurant: 300 meters

Tangerine fast food: 300 meters

Embark on a journey of wonder at the Mashhad Bird Garden, where nature's splendor and avian grace converge. Let the symphony of wings uplift your spirits and the vibrant hues of diverse bird species paint lasting memories. Whether you're a passionate bird enthusiast or a seeker of serenity, the Mashhad Bird Garden offers a unique escape.

At Qaaph, we're here to make your visit seamless and unforgettable. Our comprehensive guide provides essential information, from directions to insights, ensuring you experience every facet of this avian oasis. Let Qaaph help you discover the captivating beauty and rare treasures of the Mashhad Bird Garden, where nature and tranquility embrace in perfect harmony.


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