Aali Qapu Mansion: Isfahan's Regal Architectural Marvel

MM4G+VM9, Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran

A Glorious Past, A Timeless Present

Aali Qapu Mansion has Built on the orders of Shah Abbas I in the late 16th century,  preserving its architectural splendor for over four centuries. The beauty of this magnificent palace lies not only in its stunning plasterwork but also in the unique architectural wonder that makes it appear as a 2-story building from the front, a 5-story building from the back, and a 3-story building from the sides. This  is a true testament to the brilliance of Safavid architecture.



The Enchanting Music Hall

As you explore the mansion's upper floors, you'll find yourself in a world adorned with intricate stucco that will leave you spellbound. Don't miss the legendary sound room or music hall, renowned for its exceptional acoustic properties. Here, your voice will blend with the echoes of musicians from centuries past, transporting you back in time.



The Best Time to Visit

To witness the full splendor of Aali Qapu Mansion, plan your visit during the enchanting seasons of spring and autumn. The combination of nature's beauty and historical charm creates an unforgettable experience that will leave you breathless.



How do we get to Aali Qapu?

During the bustling tourist season, such as spring, finding a parking around Naghsh-e Jahan Square becomes a challenge. Hence, a taxi stands as the optimal and most convenient mode of accessing the square. Naturally, this decision is also influenced by the choice of guests' lodging. Opting for a hotel close to the square would allow you to stroll towards it. Upon arrival at the square, your gaze will be greeted by the splendid Aali Qapu Palace adorning the western flank. This palace stands opposite the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, both integral to the global appeal of Naghsh-e Jahan Square and the city itself.


Surrounding Gems

While you're exploring around Aali Qapu Mansion, you'll discover amazing buildings. Look in awe at the beautiful Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque on the east side of Naqsh Jahan square. Its intricate tile designs have lasted for a long time. And make sure you also go see the Shah Mosque, which is also called Imam Mosque. It's close by.



Which hotels are located near Ali Qapo Mansion?

Hasht Behesht Hotel (3 stars): 650 meters.

Star Hotel (3 stars): 750 meters.

Safavi Hotel (3 stars): 1 km.

Abbasi Hotel (4 stars): 1.2 km.


What restaurants and canteens are close to Ali Qapo Mansion?

Naqsh Jahan Restaurant: 300 meters

Passing Kitchen Restaurant: 350 meters

Orange and rice restaurant: 400 meters

North Shahr Restaurant: 1.3 km

Shahrazad Restaurant: 1.7 km


Qaaph invite you to discover the hidden gem that is Aali Qapu Mansion! Step into a world of architectural wonders and captivating history. So pack your bags and let's explore the grandeur of Isfahan together


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