Chitgar Lake

A Symphony of Beauty and Utility

Chitgar Lake's location on the western outskirts of Tehran, adjacent to Chitgar Park, is nothing short of a stroke of genius. This ingenious setup not only creates a serene and picturesque environment but also fosters an ideal space for tourism to flourish. The lake, lovingly crafted in 1963, has earned the endearing nickname "Persian Gulf Lake," a true testament to its grandeur.



How to Reach Chitgar Lake

You can reach the lake by car or metro. If driving, take the Tehran-Karaj freeway and follow signs to Chitgar Park. For metro, use the Sadeghiyeh-Golshahr line to Chitgar station, then take a bus to Shahid Bagheri Town. Or from Shariati, Mirdamad, or Tajrish, head to Zarabkhaneh junction for Chitgar buses. Entry to the main area and lake is free.


Discover the Wonders of Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Lake is truly impressive. It's huge, covering 130 hectares with a depth of 10 meters. It gets its water from Lake Ken and serves many purposes – from cleaning Tehran's air to preventing floods and replenishing underground water. It's a blend of nature's beauty and practicality.

An Unrivaled Playground of Adventure

Amusement Park:

At the lake's edge, there's a fun amusement park with exciting rides and interesting attractions. This park features the latest world-class games and is very safe. You can enjoy activities like the Safari Horror Park, skydiving, giant Ferris wheel by the lake, and more. The amusement rides at Chitgar are located on the north, east, and west sides of the lake, suitable for all ages and preferences.

Roll Glider:

The Roll Glider at Chitgar Lake gives you the thrill of a zip line experience. This rail-mounted zip line is equipped with controlled flight technology and is the only one of its kind in Chitgar Lake, Tehran. Located alongside free-fall slides and the northern part of the lake, this ride has an age restriction of eight and up. Jumping from this ride, you'll experience a minimum of 120 centimeters and a maximum of 195 centimeters of height. Your movement on the rail is similar to that of an aerial tramway, but there's no cabin; you're suspended in the air. This adds to the excitement, making it more thrilling than a regular aerial tramway. It's a very exciting and popular attraction.

Karting at Chitgar Lake:

Driving race cars in a safe environment with minimal risk is an exhilarating experience for most people. Speed enthusiasts and racing fans can visit Chitgar Lake to enjoy the designed and executed karting facilities. This place holds the title of one of the best karting tracks in the country. The Chitgar Karting Track adheres to international standards. If you're looking for a space to experience high speeds without paying attention to road signs and limits, the Chitgar Karting Track is your best choice. The track is located next to the ticket booth in the western part of the lake.

Excitement Pyramid (Flight Cinema):

Many of the amusement rides around Chitgar Lake are designed and executed by European companies for higher quality and safety. The Excitement Pyramid or 6D Cinema at Chitgar Lake is also a product of Siemens Germany. In this entertainment complex, groups of four enter a pyramid and sit in a specially designed cabin. The cabin is suspended two meters above the ground and provides a completely immersive flying experience. While suspended, you'll also experience effects like storms, lightning, rain, fog, and special visual effects. This ride is suitable for people aged 12 and above.

Free Jumping Mats:

Another thrilling activity at the lake is the free jumping mats, available for everyone for free. Kids, in particular, find this attraction very exciting. Jumping on a mat and reaching a relatively high altitude will be an enjoyable experience. These mats are located in the east part of the lake, in the land of Bamestan.






A Place for Everyone

Chitgar Lake welcomes all with a range of activities. Thrill-seekers can enjoy aerial skating and kart racing, while those seeking calm can take boat rides and stroll along walking paths. It's a place for everyone – families, friends, and people of all ages – to make special memories.



As you explore Chitgar Lake's majesty, you'll come to realize that it's more than just a tourist attraction – it's a symbol of Tehran's beating heart. A place where dreams meet reality, where nature's beauty intertwines with the creations of man. Qaaph invites you to embark on this unforgettable journey, uncovering the hidden wonders of Chitgar Lake, and experiencing Tehran's soul like never before. Let your heart be your guide, and let Chitgar Lake be your destination for a lifetime of cherished memories.




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