Tabiat Bridge

Explore the amazing Tabiat Bridge in Tehran, where stunning design meets nature. This famous bridge is a must-see for both locals and tourists. It's not just a regular bridge – it's a special place that combines beauty and nature. Come along as we show you the incredible Tabiat Bridge and all the wonderful things it has!



Tabiat Bridge: Where Bridge Meets Nature

When you think about the Tabiat Bridge, you think of a bridge that's all about nature. This amazing bridge was created by the talented architect Leila Iraqian and is known around the world for its fantastic design. When you walk on this bridge, you're entering a place where art and usefulness come together, giving you a beautiful way to cross through Tehran.



A Glimpse into the Design

The Tabiat Bridge is more than just a regular bridge. It connects two parks and offers amazing views. It has three levels and is located in the northern part of Tehran. From here, you can see snowy mountains and the busy city. It's on a busy road and connects the Atash and Taleghani parks.



A Photographer's Paradise

Attention all photography lovers! The Tabiat Bridge is like a blank canvas for you. It gives you many different views and angles that are just waiting to be captured in photos. From the highest floor, you can take pictures of the vibrant city of Tehran with the beautiful Alborz mountains behind it. But remember, the bridge isn't just a fixed thing to photograph. It changes throughout the day, becoming even more enchanting as the sun goes down and the city starts to shine with lights.



Unveiling Hidden Spots

This bridge is more than just a path; it's an experience. Let your senses wander as you explore its different facets:

Food Court and Cafés :The first floor houses an array of dining options, from Iranian delicacies to international flavors. Indulge your taste buds while taking in the panoramic view.


Walking Experience:Traverse the wooden pathways, 40 meters above ground, for a magical stroll that's both rejuvenating and surreal.

Perfect Selfie Spots: Every inch of the bridge is a canvas for selfies and photographs. The third floor is particularly enchanting, offering you a chance to capture memories that'll last a lifetime.


The Art of Architecture

The Tabiat Bridge is more than a way to cross; it's a remarkable example of smart architecture. Its detailed shape looks like branches of trees coming together, just like the parks it connects. It's built with a focus on being eco-friendly, using wood floors and materials that can be recycled, to help take care of the environment.


Visiting hours and access to the Tabiat Bridge

The Tabiat Bridge is a top spot in Tehran for visitors. We want to help people from Tehran or those staying in the city find their way to this bridge. It's located at Vanak Square, on Haqqani Highway, past the Children's World Crossroads, near Abvaatesh Park. You can go there between 6:00 in the morning and 12:30 at night.



The ways to access the Tabiat Bridge are as follows:

1. By Car:
   - Abwatesh Park Route: Take Haqqani Highway and after passing the Jahan Mozad intersection, go west on Allameh Shahidi Street. This street is on the west side of Abwatesh Park. You can park around this street or use the park's public parking.
   - Taleghani Park Route: From Haqqani Highway, reach Taleghani Park. After crossing the highway and passing the Jahan Mozad intersection and Modares highway bridge, follow signs to Taleghani Park. The parking lot is right at the beginning of the street.

2. Public Transportation:
   - Tehran Metro :Get off at Haqqani metro station, which is closest to the bridge. Walk to Taleghani Park and follow signs to the bridge.
   - Bus or BRT: Take buses heading to Vanak or Resalat. If you're going to Vanak, get off at the last stop. If you're going to Resalat, get off at the first stop. Walk towards the water park and enter the bridge.

3. Taxi:
   - Abwatesh Park Taxi: Take a taxi to Haqqani metro and ask to be dropped off at Abwatesh Park before reaching the metro station.
   - Vank Taxis: Use taxis from Resalat or Said Khandan route. Cross the pedestrian bridge and the highway to reach the park.

Remember, the bridge is located at Vanak Square, Haqqani Highway, after the Children's World Crossroads, Abwatesh Park. It's open to visitors from 6:00 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.


Qaaph invites you to visit Tehran, a treasure trove of experiences. At the heart of it all stands Tabiat Bridge – a symbol of modernity, nature, and connection. Whether you're a local seeking a retreat or a traveler embarking on an adventure, make sure to carve out time to visit this architectural wonder. Moments on Tabiat Bridge are memories to cherish.


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