Hair Transplantation in Isfahan

Isfahan: Where Beauty Meets History - A Hub for Medical Tourism

Every year, lots of people visit the lovely city of Isfahan. But not all of them come just to see the city's historical sites. Many tourists and visitors also come here for beauty treatments and medical procedures. They enjoy the tourist attractions and, at the same time, get affordable cosmetic treatments from skilled doctors. That's why this city has specialized clinics for hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures.

The History of Hair Transplantation

In the late 1950s, a New York dermatologist named Norman Orentreich started experimenting with transplanting hair from one part of the body to another in men with baldness. Before this, people thought that transplanted hair wouldn't grow as well as the original hair. Orentreich showed that this method could make new hair grow in the transplanted area and stay there just like the original hair.

Hair transplantation was first tried by a Japanese doctor named Dr. Okuda in 1939, and later in 1959, a German doctor named Dr.Orentreich improved the technique.

How Hair Grows and the Benefits of Hair Transplantation

Hair is long strands made up of cells that come out of our skin. It can be long or short, thick or thin. Hair grows almost everywhere on our body, except on our hands, feet, and some private areas. Each hair has two parts: the part we see (the hair shaft) and the part under our skin (the hair root). Both parts are similar in structure.

Hair grows from tiny tubes called hair follicles, which come from our skin's surface. The hair shaft has three layers: the center part (medulla), the middle part (cortex), and the outer layer (cuticle). Some fine hairs don't have the center part (medulla). The hair cells in the center are big and have branches.

For many people, losing hair or having thin hair makes them feel less confident or unhappy. They often consider hair transplantation as a solution. Hair transplantation has benefits like a natural look, more self-confidence, fewer side effects, permanent hair regrowth, and special care, as mentioned in the information provided.

Hair Transplantation in Isfahan

Various Methods of Hair Transplantation

1. FUT Strip Method:

This older method involves taking a strip of skin from the back of your head and then cutting it into grafts for transplanting into other areas.

2. FIT (Follicular Unit Extraction):

FIT, or FUE, is a less invasive approach where individual hair follicles are removed one by one and then transplanted.

3. SUT (Sapphire Ultrasonic Transplantation):

Similar to FIT, SUT uses advanced tools for extracting follicles, resulting in natural-looking outcomes without visible scars.

4. Micrograft Method:

Micrografting uses automated tools for graft extraction, ensuring minimal damage and no visible scars.

5. Micro FIT:

Combining FIT and FUE techniques, Micro FIT creates small holes for individual or double hair grafts, increasing hair density.

6. BHT (Body Hair Transplantation):

BHT is suitable for men and uses hair from areas like the beard, chest, or back as donor hair, extracted similarly to FUE.

7. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation):

DHI directly transplants follicles extracted through FIT or FUE, with tiny holes made in the recipient area, offering quick recovery.

8. Sapphire FUE Method:

Sapphire FUE employs advanced tools for graft extraction and provides precise information about scalp conditions and follicle depth.

9. Super FUE Method:

Super FUE uses fully automated tools for follicle extraction and offers detailed insights into hair characteristics and scalp health, minimizing graft damage.

Remember, the right method depends on your unique situation and should be discussed with a specialist.

Disadvantages of Hair transplantation

1. You need to shave all your head hair.

2. There's a risk of infection during the hair removal and transplant process.

3. Tiny cuts may leave very small scars or none at all.

4. It's more expensive than other methods.

5. Not suitable for people with very little hair to spare.

6. Recovery takes longer than some other methods.

7. The procedure itself can be lengthy due to slow graft extraction.



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