Qaysarieh Bazaar, Isfahan: A Glimpse Into Centuries

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Qaysarieh Bazaar

Qaysarieh Bazaar, a living testament to history and culture, stands as one of the world's oldest markets. Embarking on a journey through this bazaar is akin to delving into the heart of a city's heritage. Isfahan, marked by the presence of dynasties like the Safavids, houses an array of attractions that echo this remarkable era.



This article brings to light the following:

  1. Tracing the Origins of Caesarea Market
  2. Unearthing the Location of Qaysarieh Bazaar
  3. A Glimpse into the Diverse Goods of the Historic Market
  4. The Architectural Marvel of the Old Market
  5. Navigating the Rows of Kayseri Market
  6. The Sacred Mosques Nestled within the Bazaar
  7. Discovering the Vibrant Stalls within the Market
  8. Journeying through the Past of Caesarea Market


1. Tracing the Origins of Caesarea Market

The Qaysarieh Bazaar of Isfahan is nestled within the city's historic heart. The market's pulse resonates with the trade of authentic and aged goods, attracting foreign tourists with its allure. Also known as Soltani Market or Shah Market, this bustling marketplace boasts a storied past. During the Safavid rule, it flourished to such an extent that foreign entities and merchants from across the globe established their stalls within its vibrant corridors. Constructed between the years 2011 and 1029 AH (Safavid era), this marketplace holds a special place in Isfahan's history. Situated north of Naqsh Jahan square, its design is reminiscent of the Qaysarieh Bazaars of Fars province and Larestan city.



2. Finding Qaysarieh Bazaar in Isfahan

For those looking to explore Qaysarieh Bazaar, reaching the bustling market is conveniently achieved through public transport. The bus station and Imam Hossein Square station of Isfahan Metro stand in close proximity to Naqsh Jahan square, serving as gateways to the treasures within.



3. A Tapestry of Historic Goods

Isfahan's handicrafts, brimming with allure, stand as the primary souvenirs that captivate both local and international travelers. Among the prime destinations for souvenir shopping, Qaysarieh Bazaar proudly displays the splendor of Isfahan's heritage. While the market isn't limited to Isfahan-specific souvenirs, it houses an array of shops and stalls offering valuable goods and diverse products that enamor visitors.




4. Admiring the Structure of the Ancient Market

The westernmost point of the bazaar boasts an ancient caravanserai, a sight to behold. Entrance to Kayseri Market welcomes visitors with captivating paintings dating back to the Safavid era, serving as a testament to the market's historical prominence. The bazaar's structure comprises two towering floors. The upper floor accommodates administrative and commercial activities. The magnificence of the bazaar's architecture is further enhanced by its beautiful domes adorned with skylights that once illuminated and ventilated the marketplace. The area beneath the renowned dome, a hallmark of the bazaar, captivates visitors from all angles.



5. Navigating the Rows of Kayseri Market

Among the bustling corridors of the bazaar, one encounters rows rich in history and significance:

Aaron Row

Sincere Row

Naked Market Row

Half of Golshan Row

Maqsood Beyk Row

Samovar Makers Row

Sanctuaries Amidst Commerce

6. The bazaar hosts a collection of revered mosques, contributing to its spiritual ambiance:

Tailors Mosque

New Mosque

Mashad Glass Mosque

Zulfikar Mosque

Jarchi Mosque

Stalls and Timchehs of Remarkable Fame

7. The market's identity is deeply intertwined with renowned stalls and timchehs:


Sarai Agha

Sarai Khani

Sarai Mirasmail

Sarai Padrekht Sokhte

Sarai Khansari

Sarai Golshan


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Preparing for Your Adventure

Operating hours for these establishments typically span from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM during the middle of the year.

Qaysarieh Bazaar stands as a living testament to Isfahan's history and culture, inviting both local and international visitors to experience the essence of this remarkable city. The market's age-old charm and vibrant offerings continue to captivate hearts and minds, making it an essential destination for those embarking on an enriching journey to Isfahan.

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