Taste the Flavors of Shiraz: Top Restaurants in Shiraz

Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

Top restaurants in Shiraz: From Shandiz to Haft Khan

Presented within the pages of QAAPH's choicest dining establishments in Shiraz, carefully curated from prime locations to ensure a memorable dining experience. With comprehensive and enticing menus, these restaurants have garnered popularity among the discerning residents of Shiraz. When embarking on a journey to the land that birthed both Sheikh Ajal Saadi and the poet Hafez Shirin Sokhon, these options promise a range of unforgettable culinary adventures in the cultural, artistic, and literary capital of Iran.

Shiraz beckons as a city of cultural richness, artistic splendor, historical significance, and delectable cuisine. From the renowned Darbari Kebab, Serai Kharmouni Kebab, to the famed Shiraz Golden Liver Kebab, the city boasts a repertoire of exceptional kebabs. Add to this list the likes of Sharze, Haft Khan, Ayani, and Sufi, all of which promise to indulge your taste buds with sumptuous shishliks and specially crafted saffron chicken dishes.

For aficionados of traditional melodies and a nostalgic ambiance, Shiraz offers an array of traditional music-filled cafes. The speech highlights some of the city's finest options in this realm: Dash Akel Restaurant, Bagh Restaurant Sattarkhan, Sharze, Kete Mas, Achaemenesh, and Sufi Dining Hall—to name but a few.

If you've encountered a particularly memorable gastronomic journey in Shiraz, we encourage you to share your insights and thoughts through the comment section at the conclusion of the QAAPH article. Join us as we embark on a culinary tour through the poetic, literary, and historical depths of Iran's renowned city.


Discover The Following Topics In This Engaging Article:

  1. Tips about the city of Shiraz
  2. Good restaurants of Shiraz
  3. Traditional restaurant of Shiraz
  4. Kete Mas traditional restaurant 
  5. Parhami traditional house restaurant
  6. Khosha restaurant garden in Shiraz
  7. Sufi collection in Shiraz
  8. Shandiz restaurant in Shiraz
  9. Nakhlestan Garden Restaurant
  10. A tour of Italian restaurants in Shiraz
  11. Bel Passi Italian Restaurant Shiraz
  12. Haft Khan Restaurant Shiraz
  13. Bagh Raz Restaurant Shiraz
  14. Shapuri Mansion Shiraz
  15. Bakoyeh Restaurant Shiraz

1. Tips about the city of Shiraz

Shiraz holds a profound historical significance in the annals of Iran. It stands as an exceptional place, unlike any other in the country's 30 provinces. Beyond its famed landmarks like Persepolis and the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the city offers a unique blend of cultural, artistic, historical, and natural wonders. While enjoying cafes and restaurants is part of the experience, make sure to maximize your time to explore this incredible historical land.

Discover the finest and most captivating tourist spots in Shiraz through the eyes of Iranian and international travelers on Instagram. By serching the hashtags #SHIRAZ or #Shiraz, you'll find an extensive collection of photos and videos showcasing the city's historical, sightseeing, touristic, and commercial sites. This serves as a treasure trove of insights for future travelers.

Over a million photos and videos tagged with the four aforementioned hashtags provide an immensely rich and informative resource for those planning to visit Shiraz. This wealth of content offers a comprehensive glimpse into the city's offerings.

If you're intrigued by the idea of indulging in local dishes during your trip, ensure you gather accurate information about the recipes, preparation methods, and ingredients. Armed with this knwledge, you'll have a list of the finest traditional dishes of hospitable Shiraz at your fingertips. Also, remember to utilize QAAPH's Shiraz hotel reservation service, facilitating a seamless exploration of the city.

Before departing, it's wise to peruse customer reviews of premium restaurants in Shiraz. These can be found on platforms like Google Review and TripAdvisor, as well as under the dedicated pages of each restaurant. These insights will help you make informed choices.

The best dining spots in Shiraz may not necessarily be clustred around the Karimkhan Citadel. It's advisable to consult locals and sometimes the tourism guides of Fars province for recommendations on the best shopping centers for saffron, vegetables, jujube, handicrafts, cafes, and restaurants.

When planning air travel to Shiraz, utilize the convenient online plane ticket purchasing services offered by QAAPH. This ensures a cost-effective and comfortable journey for you and your loved ones.


2. Good restaurants of Shiraz

Shirazis are inherently inclined towards exploration and sightseeing. They prioritize allocating time for these enriching experiences, often in group settings. Their congenial nature reflects the warm and hospitable essence that permeates the people of Iran's various provinces. In Shiraz, this spirit is accentuated due to the city's continuous influx of both local and international visitors. With a keen understanding of the needs of tourists, Shirazis readily engage and assist travelers, offering valuable insights, companionship, and collaboration to both individuals and groups.

Within the vibrant tapestry of Shiraz, finding remarkable attractions and navigating the best cafes, old-world eateries, and contemporary restaurants is made effortless through the helpful guidance of its residents. Whether in the neighborhoods of Kui or Barzan, locals are more than willing to share valuable information about must-visit places, delectable cuisine, and delightful beverages.


3. Traditional restaurant of Shiraz

For those seeking a traditional and nostalgic dining experience, Sharze Shiraz Traditional Restaurant is an excellent choice. Featured among the revered restaurants of Diyar Saadi and Hafez, this establishment is recomended by loyal patrons on its Instagram posts. Don't miss the chance to experience Sharzei at least once during your visit to Shiraz.

Sharze Shiraz Traditional Restaurant offers skilled chefs, a welcoming staff, intricate decorations, and impecable service. Vibrant Yazd cashmere-adorned tables set the stage for authentic Iranian cuisine, creating a charming atmosphere.

With two floors and ample space, Sharze accomodates individual travelers and groups. Whether on a Shiraz tour or dining with friends and family, it's highly recommended to savor the delectable offerings at Sharze Shiraz Traditional Restaurant.


Known for culinary excellence, Sharze attributes its success to unwavering comitment to food quality and precise preparation of authentic Iranian dishes. For lovers of traditional Shirazi cuisine, Sharze is a must-visit among the best restaurants in Shiraz.

The menu encompases Iranian, local, and seafood dishes, including Chalukbob, Lari kebab, stuffed cabbage, stuffed beans with eggplant, and Mirzakasmi with cinnamon. Shallot yogurt and Shirazi salad are also popular choices.

Located near Vakil Bazaar, Karimkhani Citadel, Karimkhani Mosque, and Bazaar, Sharze offers a compelling dining option during city exploration. Hot bread and quality ingredients further enhance its appeal. The establishment also provides parking.

Nearby are Qavam Restaurant Cafe, Julep Cafe, Royal Cafe, and Rich Cafe, while accommodations like Parse Hotel, Kivan Hotel, and Parmis Hotel are within reach. From Shiraz airports, the restaurant is just 8 kilometrs away.

Due to its prime location and reputation for exceptional fare, Sharze Shiraz Restaurant is often busy, especially during lunch hours. To avoid waiting, it's advisable to reserve a table in advance.

The accompanying image offers a glimpse of Sharze's ambiance, occasionally enhanced with live traditional music.

Address: Fars, Shiraz, Taleghani St., Masjid Vakil St
Phone: 7132241963


4. Kete Mas traditional restaurant 

Apart from the renowned Sharze traditional restaurant in Shiraz, there exists another well-regarded establishment that upholds tradition and charm: Kete Mas Traditional Restaurant.

Situated on the lower level of Saeed Hotel, Kete Mas boasts a vantage point offering a three-way view of Shiraz city. Although lacking the grand entrance and multi-story layout of Sharze, Kete Mas wins the hearts of traditionalists and aficionados of authentic Iranian cuisine through its delectable fare and welcoming staff.

Kete Mas Traditional Restaurant may not feature the grandeur of Sharze, but its intimate atmospere captivates diners with its brick-adorned walls, intricately tiled floors, and patterned ceilings—a setting well-suited for savoring traditional Iranian meals during lunch or dinner.

For those in search of a cozy and tranquil setting to relish delicious and high quality food, Kete Mas Traditional Restaurant comes highly recomended.

The chef's offerings at Kete Mas Traditional Restaurant encompass:

Laploui Gorn:
A relatively lavish dish, Laploui Gorn combines 180 grams of neck meat with vegetables, 350 grams of Iranian shaped rice, cinnamon-spiced rice, bell pepper, greens, mixed pickles, and lemon.

Aloo Lapelo:
An alternative suggestion by the chef, Aloo Lapelo, is a budget-friendly choice. This dish unites potatoes, shaved sheep neck meat, eggplant, sautéed onions, vegetables, 350 grams of Iranian rice, and the aromatic blend of spicy rice, bell pepper, mixed vegetables, pickles, and lemon.


Kebab Bowl:
Kebab Bowl is a delectable option recommended by Kete Mas's chef. Comprising sesame seeds, chicken, butter-infused pounded meat, grilled onions, peppers, and bread, this dish satisfies varied appetites.


Neck of Kete Mas:
The Neck of Kete Mas stands out as a truly delightful dish on the restaurant's menu. A straightforward yet nourishing option, it combines 350 grams of sheep neck meat with bell peppers, vegetables, mixed pickles, lemon, and spicy rice—a meal that strikes a balance in both flavor and price.


Kete Mas Traditional Restaurant maintains an active presnce on both its website and Instagram page. The establishment often features live traditional music, contributing to a memorable dining experience for famished visitors.

Address: Fars, Shiraz. Three Ways of Prayer. Adjacent to Taleghani Street, on the lower floor of Saeed Hotel.

Phone number: 7132231818


5. Parhami traditional house restaurant

Parhami Traditional House Restaurant stands among the top traditional dining spots in Shiraz. This two-hundred-year-old establishment offers a historical backdrop, making it an ideal spot for selfies and Instagram stories.

The restaurant's pleasant decor features a turquoise pond with fish, colorful hexagonal windows, wooden doors, and cozy nested rooms. The lovely arrangement creates a delightful ambiance for savoring authentic Iranian cuisine of the highest quality. Adorned with flowers and plants, the restaurant's enchanting environment ensures a memorable dining experience. Located in the charming alleys of Shiraz's historic district, it's a great stop to relish local and traditional Shirazi and Iranian dishes.

To secure a table for lunch, remember to call from 9 am.


The accompanying image captures the heartwarming atmosphere of Parhami Traditional Restaurant, where shiny copper trays narrate tales of the most delectable authentic Iranian dishes with fragrant cinnamon. The interior decoration of the house and courtyard transports diners to a nostalgic and unforgettable setting.


In another image, a famous tray from Parhami Traditional Restaurant is displayed. The tray includes peach or vegetable meatballs, plum onions, cabbage lentil stew, Shirazi salad, pomegranate juice, and pickled garlic or cherry. Known as the "Ishaq Bey" tray, these authentic Iranian dishes are presented beautifully with flowery plates and delicious cinnamon sticks, providing an inviting backdrop for tourism and food bloggers.

Address: Lotfali Khan Zand St., after Ahmadi Gud Araban three-way street, opposite Nasirul Molk mosque
Phone: 7132232015


6. Khosha restaurant garden in Shiraz

Khosha Shiraz restaurant offers a spacious garden area, distinct from Parham and Kete Mas restaurants. With private parking and outdoor or indoor seating options, it's a haven for authentic Iranian cuisine enthusiasts. The complex includes a restaurant, fast food outlet, cafe, and teahouse with occasional live music. Operating from 12:00 to 23:30, reservations are advised. Ideal for group gatherings and special occasions, its ambiance suits birthdays, anniversaries, and cultural events.

The picture displays Khosha's entrance and an array of delectable kebabs. The vibrant drinks and service quality add to its appeal. Italian offerings encompass dishes like Mexican, mushroom and meat pizza. For authentic Iranian flavors, traditional options are abundant.


The image showcases Khosha's special trays for various party sizes, including muscle and neck specialties. The spacious layout features booths, pavilions, and regular seating, with quick service and time limits for coffee and food consumption. Note that prices are relatively high, and rice is ordered separately.


Khosha's proximity to attractions like Kuchebagh Canteen, Hor Cafe, and more, as well as its 25km distance from Shahid Dastghib ​​Shiraz Airport, makes it convenient.

Address: Fars, Sanyaat Blvd., in front of Goldasht Hafez entrance.
Phone: 7136504324


7. Sufi collection in Shiraz

Sufi Complex stands as another renowned traditional restaurant in Shiraz. Combining a restaurant, tourist complex, and Sufi food market, its diverse menu caters to even the most selective palates. Operating since 1972, its Qajar-style architecture provides a nostalgic setting for a delicious Iranian meal.


Considered one of the city's finest traditional restaurants, Sufi serves a blend of Farangi, Iranian, and seafood dishes, making it relatively upscale. Reservations can be made at your convenience, and the restaurant's Instagram page remains responsive to guest inquiries throughout the day. The Sufi Shiraz Tourism Complex is located on 9th Day Street.


The images display popular authentic Iranian dishes at Sufi restaurant, including their special Sufi kebab and stuffed chicken. Tehchin, a dish combining rice, various meats, yogurt, eggs, and saffron, is a culinary highlight. Notably, Sufi offers a variety of dishes like cutlet steak, pasta plates, and meat and mushroom pizza, all with vibrant and enticing presentations.


Sufi's assembly tray features a delightful combination of pressed challah, skewers, and saffron chicken.

Located on Sattar Khan Blvd., in front of the 18th alley, Sufi Restaurant can be reached at 7136490000.

8. Shandiz restaurant in Shiraz

Shandiz Restaurant, a distinguished establishment with various branches across the nation's tourist destinations, holds a prime position among the best restaurants in Shiraz. Positioned atop the city, the Shiraz branch offers an elevated dining experience with captivating panoramic views. Guests can relish delightful meals while gazing at the Qur'an Gate and savoring the restaurant's exquisite ambience. Its picturesque surroundings and tasteful decor make it a favorite spot for Instagram stories and memorable moments.


Notably, Shandiz has another branch in Mashhad. To ensure a smooth dining experience at this renowned Shirazi eatery, it's advisable to make reservations in advance, particularly during the city's bustling days.


Shandiz Restaurant provides a tempting selection of grilled combinations, featuring dishes like special Shandiz grilled fillet and shishlik. This establishment is an ideal choice for both individual and group dining, including sightseeing tours and special events. It has garnered positive customer ratings on domestic and foreign tourism platforms, solidifying its place among Shiraz's top 10 restaurants.

For those venturing to the city, Shandiz offers a delectable array of appetizers in Mashhad, including dishes like jelly, caramel, various salads, soups, and a special three-course dish.

Address of Shandiz Traditional Restaurant: Fars, Shiraz, Koran Gate, Luna Park, Bam Shiraz
Shandiz Traditional Restaurant phone: 7132274749


9. Nakhlestan Garden Restaurant

Nakhlestan Garden Restaurant is a hidden treasure in Shiraz. Owned by a Bushehri, it embraces southern Iranian cuisine and offers a delightful dining experience on Shiraz Industries Boulevard. The restaurant boasts local buttermilk, southern pickles, and a range of enticing dishes amidst a charming southern-themed ambiance with date palms and a ship replica.


Despite being lesser known than Sufi and Shandiz, Nakhlestan is popular among locals for weekend getaways. It stands out for its authenticity and skilled chefs who craft southern delicacies.

Located 20 meters from the governorate, Nakhlestan operates daily from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm. The autumn season enhances its appeal. The restaurant serves a variety of southern dishes, including seafood, in a captivating environment with live music and international chefs.

Address: Fars, Industries Blvd., in front of the third door of Industries,
Phone: 7136231629


10. A tour of Italian restaurants in Shiraz

Continuing with our QAAPH tourism blog feature, we now turn our attention to the finest Italian dining establishments in the city. Our first recommendation is a comprehensive Italian restaurant that offers a tantalizing array of vibrant and flavorful dishes hailing from Venice, Milan, and Florence.

11. Bel Passi Italian Restaurant Shiraz

Presenting QAAPH's tourism insights, we now explore Bell Passi Italian Restaurant, a prominent establishment in Shiraz. This restaurant offers a diverse menu catering to pizza, lasagna, and pasta enthusiasts, positioning itself as one of the city's top fast-food destintions. With a brick façade and woden columns, the restaurant provides a modern setting for lovers of Italian cuisine, making it an appealing choice for a romantic Italian dining experience.


For those seeking more options, the balcony seats at Bell Passi offer an additional dining experience. Notably, BELL PASSI also operates a branch in Bushehr, located on Chamran Blvd.

One of the highlights at Bell Passi is its popular fried shrimp dish with a special sauce, drawing a significant following. The entrance of the restaurant is captured in the photo above. Not to be overlooked, the restaurant's desert offerings promise a delectable journey through delightful Italian and French sweet treats.

Address of Bell Passi Restaurant in Shiraz: Shiraz, Khakshanshi St., corner of Saronaz, next to Tulip coffee shop,
Telephone number of Bell Passi Restaurant in Shiraz: 7132274924


12. Haft Khan Restaurant Shiraz

A top spot for savoring Italian fare in Shiraz is the renowned Haft Khan restaurant. This establishment seamlessly blends Persian and Italian cuisine, fast food, and a coffee shop, making it a versatile choice for those enamored with Shiraz. Ideal for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast, Haft Khan offers an expansive menu.

Distinguished as a compilation of five restaurants and two coffee shops, Haft Khan boasts the most comprehnsive menu among the esteemed Shiraz eateries we've explored.


Regarded as one of the city's premier dining establishments, Haft Khan's inviting ambiance and grand entrance signal a delightful culinary experience. The skilled chef masterfully crafts enchanting flavor combintions, elevating the dining experience for patrons, including those who've secured budget-friendly flights to Shiraz.

Haft Khan is also a fitting choice for special occasions, be it wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's celebrations, or gatherings with family and friends.

It's worth noting that Haft Khan's menu includes delectable selections such as broth with half brain, tongue with throat, giblets, and more.

Address of Haft Khan Restaurant in Shiraz: Qur'an Blvd., Shiraz
Haft Khan Restaurant Phone Number in Shiraz: 7132270000


13. Bagh Raz Restaurant Shiraz

While Bagh Raz Shiraz restaurant may not boast the extnsive menu diversity of Haft Khan Shiraz, it stands as a splendid complex in a charming corner of the city. This establishment secures its place among the city's best restaurants. The restaurant's architecture is a delightful secret, leading you along cobblestone paths to a spacious garden. The restaurant's upper floor is designated for the café, and its rooftop arrangement provides breathtaking views.

Notably, Bagh Raz restaurant temporarily closed its doors due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Shiraz. With hopes for a resurgence in the year 1401 of the Persian calndar (2022-2023), we anticipate its reopening to once again serve the appetites of Shiraz's food enthusiasts.


It's worth highlighting that Bagh Delbaz Restaurant, also known as Bagh Raz Shiraz, is among the top choices for relishing delctable Iranian and Italian dishes in Shiraz.

Address of Bagh Raz Restaurant: Shahid Blvd., Qasr al-Dasht, Shiraz
Bagh Raz Restaurant Phone Number: 7136234000


14. Shapuri Mansion Shiraz

To experience the charm of one of Shiraz's historical residences, head to Karim Khan Zand Street and explore the architectural marvel known as Shapuri House. This site not only offers a glimpse into history but also houses a restaurant and cafe where you can savor both Iranian and intrnational cuisine. Renowned for its opulence, this establishment's decor effortlessly transports you to the Qajar era.


Shapuri House in Shiraz is a haven for those who revel in selfies, storytelling, and modeling photoshoots. It has become a sought-after destination for food bloggers and fashion influncers, with its captivating nighttime illumination drawing in numerous visitors. This architectural gem, listed among Iran's national monuments, stands tall with its two floors, crafting a truly distinctive edifice. Once the residence of a Shirazi entrpreneur with a passion for the arts, Shapuri House is now a favored spot for those exploring the city.

Address of Shapuri Mansion, Shiraz: Shiraz, Karim Khan Zand St., Anvari St., Ahli Intersection,
Shapuri Mansion Phone:713234749


15. Bakoyeh Restaurant Shiraz

Among the exceptional dining establishments in Shiraz, we present Bakuya Restaurant, a gem highlighted in this QAAPH tourism article. Bakuya blends art, nature, and culture, offering a charming setting for romantic Shirazi travelers eager to savor delectable Iranian cuisine while gazing upon the picturesque mountain vistas.


Situated in the city's historical backdrop, near Shahcheragh, four notable restaurants beckon: Ghar Restaurant, Qashqai Restaurant, Alachiq Kaj, and Boron Bar. Bakoya, perched on the mountainside, entices you with a feast of authentic traditional Iranian dishes. This restaurant complex boasts a distinctive position within Shiraz, a place renowned for its cabbage and kebabs.

Address of Bakoyeh Shiraz Restaurant: Shiraz, New Qur'an Blvd., not reaching Abul Kalam Blvd.
Phone number of Bakoyeh Shiraz Restaurant: 7132281000


Explore With QAAPH!

As you explore the vibrant city and its rich history, make sure to indulge in the local cuisine at these incredible dining establishments. And when you're ready to make the most of your visit, remember that QAAPH is not just a booking website – we're your all-in-one travel companion. Book your hotel with us for a comfortable stay near these exquisite restaurants. Plus, enjoy the convenience of transportation services, including car rentals and the assistance of a translator to make your experience in Shiraz truly unforgettable. 

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