The Hafezieh Tomb in Shiraz: Poetry and Serenity Converge

Fars District, Shiraz, District 3, Khayaban Hafezeh, JHG5+35M, Iran

The Hafezieh Tomb in Shiraz

Nestled to the north of the enchanting city of Shiraz and south of the Quran Gate, lies the revered Hafizeh Tomb. This hallowed site beckons travelers intrigued by the allure of Shiraz to secure their plane tickets, embarking on a journey to pay homage to this significant tomb. Notably, the architectural mastermind behind this structure is none other than the French architect André Godard. A connoisseur of Iranian culture and art, Godard's deep affinity for the country led him to reside in Iran for over three decades. During his tenure, he left an indelible mark, including registering three historical hills: Sulaiman Tepe, Zirez, and Mazir.




This mausoleum underwent meticulous restoration during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid and later during the Zandiya period. A defining moment arrived during the latter era when a marble stone was reverently placed upon the grave of the celebrated poet, Hafez. Subsequent chapters in history witnessed the evolution of the tomb, including the installation of a dome by the ruler of Fars, following the passing of Karim Khan Zand. Notably, Ali Akbar, an active figure, played a role in both the destruction and reconstruction of the building. Amid these fluctuations, the mausoleum evolved, culminating in its present form under the orders of Shah Yeni in 1316.

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  5. Accommodation Options near Hafezieh Tomb in Shiraz

1. The architecture of Hafezieh Tomb

This grand tomb is an intricate amalgamation of various elements, each holding a profound significance. Let us delve into the components of this mausoleum:

The South Courtyard: Serving as the main entrance, this courtyard boasts expansive flower gardens on either side. It is adorned with two grand swimming pools, symbolizing materiality. As visitors approach the northern part housing Hafez's tomb, they transition from the worldly to the mystical, climbing stairs akin to a spiritual journey. Descending these steps, they seem to bow before the sun, symbolizing the main tomb. The porch, consisting of nine steps, resonates with the symbolism of the nine heavens.

Central Tomb: A copper dome, towering at ten meters, adorns Hafez's tomb, mirroring the sky. Its design draws inspiration from the Turkish dervish hat. The dome's inner hues, symbolizing mysticism, carry individual meanings. Noteworthy colors include brown, symbolizing earth, and turquoise, emblematic of heaven. Beneath the dome rests a tombstone adorned with the poet's verses.

Four-Pillar Portico (Twenty Columns): This portico, with its array of 20 stone columns, derives its name from the central four columns attributed to Karim Khan's era. Beneath this structure lies a reservoir, dividing the courtyard into northern and southern sections. To the left, rooms hold the tombs of significant figures, including Qawam al-Sultaneh.

The northern section houses Hafez's tomb, flanked by orange trees and rectangular ponds. Symbolizing the Kingdom, this area features eight entrance and exit doors. Remarkably, the central tomb's eight columns commemorate the century of Hafez's existence and also represent the eight gates of heaven.

2. Cost and Visit Duration of Hafizieh Tomb in Shiraz

Embarking on a journey to the Hafezieh Tomb in Shiraz offers an enriching experience within a span of 1 to 2 hours. Delve into the mesmerizing aura of this historical sanctuary, where the echoes of poetry and culture resonate. To partake in this cultural odyssey, a nominal fee grants access to the Hafezieh tomb, ensuring your exploration of its profound heritage.


3. Navigating to Hafizieh Tomb in Shiraz

If you're arriving in Shiraz after a flight from Tehran and wish to reach the Hafezieh Mausoleum via public transportation, here's a convenient route to follow. After disembarking from the metro at Zandiyeh station, make your way to Shahid Dastghib Terminal situated on Narenjestan Boulevard. From there, hop onto the buses available and alight at Hafezieh station. This well-structured route ensures your smooth journey to the captivating Hafezieh Tomb, where cultural wonders await your exploration.

4. Attractions around the Hafizeh Tomb of Shiraz

While visiting the Hafezieh Tomb in Shiraz, you'll find yourself in close proximity to several captivating attractions that add to the allure of your journey. Here are some distances to help you plan your exploration:

  • Jahannama Garden: Just a short 950 meters' walk separates the Hafezieh Mausoleum from the enchanting Jahannama Garden, offering you a delightful botanical retreat.
  • Haft Tanan Museum: A mere 1-kilometer distance lies between the Hafezieh Mausoleum and the Haft Tanan Museum, a treasure trove of cultural artifacts and history.
  • Afif Abad Garden: For those seeking a more extensive excursion, the Afif Abad Garden, located at a distance of 8.3 kilometers, promises an enriching experience amid lush greenery and historical architecture.

These nearby attractions present you with a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into the cultural tapestry of Shiraz while making the most of your visit to the Hafezieh Tomb.

5. Hotels around Hafiziya tomb in Shiraz

Persepolis Hotel, Shiraz

Park Hotel, Shiraz, Shiraz

Atlas Hotel, Shiraz

Royal Hotel, Shiraz

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