Root Canal Treatment
Why Root Canal Treatment

Why Root Canal Treatment

A diseased or infected tooth often led to pain and significant problems, and the only solution was to remove the tooth. However, tooth extraction is not an ideal solution as it can cause the remaining teeth to shift, leading to difficulties in chewing and maintaining oral hygiene.

Root Canal Treatment has emerged as a popular alternative to save infected teeth rather than resorting to extraction. Inside the tooth is a hollow center called pulp, which contains sensitive tissues such as blood vessels and nerves.

Root Canal Treatment, an endodontic procedure, involves the removal of the infected tooth pulp and filling the void with a suitable material to restore the tooth's function and alleviate pain. This procedure allows the infected tooth to be saved and preserves the integrity of the surrounding teeth.

Reasons to Consider Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is recommended in the following cases:

  1. When one or more pulps in the roots of your teeth are damaged or infected.
  2. If you have developed an abscess, which may be a result of untreated decay, decay under a filling, an injured tooth, or gum disease.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

A root canal therapy typically involves one or more visits to the dentist's office. The endodontist will perform the following steps with the use of local anesthesia:

  • Making an opening through the crown into the pulp.
  • Removing pulp tissues from the pulp chamber and the canals of each root, cleaning and disinfecting them to prepare for filling.
  • Using medicines to treat infection if necessary.
  • Filling the treated root canals with a rubber-like material.
  • Rebuilding the crown with a temporary filling to protect the tooth from infection.
  • Removing the temporary filling and replacing it with a permanent filling or restoring the tooth with a crown during the final visit.
  • The dentist may prescribe antibiotics if the infection has spread into the root.

After Root Canal Treatment

The results of a root canal procedure are highly satisfying, and most patients enjoy the benefits for the rest of their lives. However, the longevity of the treated tooth depends on proper care. Regular brushing and flossing should be a part of your daily routine to maintain long-lasting restored teeth and preserve your natural teeth.

Note that root canal treatment may not be successful if the tooth is loose or only a small part of the tooth remains.

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