Hair Treatment With Laser

About Hair Treatment With Laser

Hair treatment with laser is an ideal option for patients who may be apprehensive about injections used in mesotherapy and PRP treatments. The laser application system utilized in this treatment employs very low doses of Diode rays, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed experience for the patient. During the procedure, patients can even engage in activities such as reading a book or newspaper.

At our clinic, the "Sunetics laser" treatment is effectively used to strengthen thinning hair and slow down or halt hair loss problems in both men and women. This advanced technology involves applying laser beams to the scalp from 107 different points in a continuous manner, thoroughly scanning the targeted area and reaching the hair follicles. Through scientific research, it has been demonstrated that the low-dose laser beams stimulate the follicles, leading to faster and healthier hair growth.

Known as cosmetic laser treatment, this procedure is safe and suitable for both men and women. Although the rate of new hair growth may vary based on individual pathology, clinical studies indicate an average of around 40% improvement.

One of the significant advantages of this treatment is that it has no side effects, making it a preferred and safe option for individuals seeking effective hair loss and thinning hair solutions. By choosing hair treatment with laser, patients can regain confidence in their appearance and enjoy healthier hair growth without any discomfort or adverse reactions.

Who Is Hair Laser (Sunetics) Suitable For?

Hair laser treatment, specifically using Sunetics laser, is suitable for both men and women who are experiencing issues with thinning, shedding, and damaged hair. Whether the hair loss is due to various factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, stress, or other underlying conditions, laser hair treatment can be beneficial for promoting hair growth and improving the overall condition of the hair.

Moreover, laser therapy has been found to enhance the success of hair transplantation in cases where individuals undergo hair transplantation procedures. By using laser therapy as a complementary treatment, the transplanted hair follicles are stimulated and encouraged to grow faster and healthier, leading to improved results.

Regarding the timeline for post-application results, significant improvement is typically noticeable within 2 to 4 months after starting laser hair treatment. However, it's essential to understand that individual responses to the treatment may vary, and the full effect of the application continues to increase over time. Patience is important, as it may take several months to see the maximum benefits of the laser hair treatment. Regular and consistent sessions are usually recommended to achieve optimal and long-lasting results.


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