Hair Mesotherapy
What is Hair Mesotherapy?

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy has received FDA approval and is considered a highly effective medical practice. Both men and women experiencing rapid hair thinning can benefit from this method to promote healthier hair. During hair mesotherapy, microinjections are administered into the scalp using very fine-tipped needles at minimal dosages.

Through these microinjections, the functional layer of the skin, known as the dermis layer, is stimulated. This allows essential minerals, oligo-elements, vitamins, and regulators required for hair follicle health to be delivered directly to the tissue. The procedure is performed locally and can be applied to individuals of any gender or age, making it a versatile treatment option for hair restoration.

What are the Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy offers localized application and delivers high-quality results. It can be selectively applied to different regions as needed. While stimulating the affected area, other hair follicles also benefit positively from the treatment. Another advantage is that the procedure can be completed in just a few sessions. Many individuals notice positive improvements in their hair from the outset. Hair mesotherapy utilizes cost-effective medications and is administered by physicians.

Does Hair Mesotherapy Promote Hair Growth?

Yes, hair mesotherapy has shown to be effective in stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth in both men and women. By stimulating the hair follicles and providing essential minerals and vitamins, this treatment prepares the ground for healthier hair growth.

Mesotherapy is a viable option for hair regrowth in individuals with male pattern baldness and serves as a beneficial treatment choice for those experiencing hair loss before considering hair transplantation. Common signs of baldness include hair breakage, patchy hair loss, and thinning hair. Studies have indicated that the naturally occurring dihydrotestosterone hormone plays a role in causing hair loss. Mesotherapy treatments address this factor and have shown positive outcomes for hair regrowth in both genders.

Before and After Hair Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy utilizes specific techniques to address hair loss, enhancing blood circulation in the scalp and providing vital vitamin support. This improved circulation can result in hair regrowth and increased hair strand count.

With hair mesotherapy, the hair follicles receive better nourishment, leading to improved hair health. The treatment for hair loss involves manual mesotherapy with an injection gun, offering faster and potentially less painful results compared to traditional injected mesotherapy. Typically, five to six sessions may be necessary for effective hair mesotherapy treatment. Proper application and aftercare can eliminate or delay the need for hair transplantation.

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