Rhinoplasty in Mashhad

If you intend to have a nose surgery and desire beauty and enhancement, you must consider that the first priority should be the experience and expertise of the surgeon, and the cost of the nose surgery should come second. You should not sacrifice your beauty for a lower cost. Beauty is instinctively present in all individuals. Currently, among various types of cosmetic surgeries, nose surgery in Mashhad has received more attention for utilizing specialists more than other methods. Moreover, all the necessary information for performing nose surgery in Mashhad is provided to you by the Qaaph Group in this article.




Preparing for Nose Surgery:

The first thing you should do before getting nose surgery in Mashhad is to pick a top-notch surgeon.

Get all the necessary medical tests done as per your doctor's instructions to check your health status.

Share your medical history and family background with the best nose surgeon in Mashhad.

Let the surgeon know if you have any allergies to medications or food.

One month before your nose surgery in Mashhad, stop using any tobacco products and steer clear of alcoholic drinks.

To prevent infections, make sure your skin is clean the night before the surgery by taking a shower.

Ladies, don't wear makeup on the day of the procedure, and guys, have a clean-shaven face when you arrive at the clinic.

It's a good idea to have one or two people accompany you.

On the surgery day, wear loose clothes with buttons or a front zipper to make changing easier.


The Reason for the Cost Difference between Fleshy and Bony Nose Surgery

Noses of different individuals are generally categorized into two types: fleshy and bony. A fleshy nose, unlike bony noses, has thick skin and weak cartilage.

In bony noses, the cartilage is stronger, and the nasal skin is thinner. That's why nose surgery is usually easier for such individuals, and they typically don't require cartilage reinforcement.


Characteristics Of A Bony Nose:

This type of nose has thin skin, a high and sculpted nasal bone. In some cases, there may be a curve on this bridge or its tip may point downward. There is generally more cartilage and bone and less fatty tissue in this type, which leads to positive changes in the nose after a rhinoplasty.

Characteristics Of A Fleshy Nose:

Surgery for this type of nose comes with its own specific limitations. The skin is generally thicker compared to the bony type. There is also more fatty tissue. Typically, these noses are wider and have more open nostrils compared to bony noses. It's better to be patient to see the final results of a rhinoplasty for fleshy noses. After surgery on a fleshy nose, you will mostly experience more swelling, whereas in the bony type, swelling tends to be less pronounced.

Difference Between Deviated Septum Surgery And Cosmetic Rhinoplasty:

Sometimes, it's necessary to correct a deviated septum during cosmetic rhinoplasty. A deviated septum means that the nasal bone is misaligned in a way that obstructs or narrows one of the nasal passages.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is performed to enhance the appearance of the nose and improve the individual's facial aesthetics. On the other hand, deviated septum surgery is done to address the functional aspects of a person's breathing.

If an individual desires and requires both procedures, it's possible to have them done simultaneously.

The Phases of Rhinoplasty Surgery:

1. Anesthesia Selection

Following the pre-operative preparations and ensuring the patient's readiness for the procedure, the next crucial step is choosing the appropriate anesthesia method based on the individual's health condition. It's important to prioritize the patient's well-being in this decision. Depending on the patient's health, the physician may opt for either general anesthesia or local anesthesia administered by the anesthesia team. The primary objective is to ensure the patient doesn't experience any pain during the cosmetic nose surgery.

2. Implementing Desired Changes

Once inside the operating room and after verifying that the patient is under anesthesia, the surgeon proceeds to employ specific rhinoplasty techniques. These techniques are based on pre-operative images and the patient's aesthetic preferences. The goal is to achieve the desired changes in the nose's appearance. Depending on the extent of these changes, the surgeon may use either an open or closed technique.

3. Rectifying Imperfections

Rhinoplasty can effectively address various nasal imperfections, resulting in a nose with an aesthetically pleasing and flawless shape. It's worth noting that minor alterations can be accomplished using the closed method, while more extensive changes require full access to the nasal anatomy, necessitating the open approach.

4. Suturing

Concluding both the open and closed methods involves the important step of suturing. In the open method, where incisions are made on the skin's surface, sutures will be visible. Conversely, in the closed method, sutures won't be externally visible.


Normal Nose Surgery Side Effects:

If you are unaware of the possible post-operative side effects, it's essential to understand that the body reacts to changes, and this reaction is entirely natural. After the recovery period, the body returns to its initial state, and improvements are seen. Rhinoplasty is no exception and comes with some potential side effects such as bruising, swelling, inflammation, and pain, all of which resolve during the recovery period and return to their initial state.

The risks and potential side effects of this surgery include:

1. Infection:

   Infection can occur if the individual doesn't take proper care of the treated area. To prevent this, it's crucial to follow post-operative care instructions, such as avoiding bathing in the initial week after rhinoplasty.

2. Bleeding:

   This is a common side effect in all surgical procedures. It can be prevented by adhering to post-operative care guidelines, including avoiding smoking, alcoholic beverages, and blood-thinning medications.

3. Perforation Of The Nasal Septum:

   A very small hole in the nasal septum can lead to airflow turbulence. Sometimes, people may hear a sound similar to a whistle when speaking or singing. This issue arises when individuals don't choose their rhinoplasty surgeon carefully, opting for surgeons with little experience and expertise. Choosing a skilled surgeon is essential to avoid such complications.


Mashhad has earned its reputation as a preferred destination for rhinoplasty. Discover the city's rich tradition of surgical excellence. In addition, do not miss the diverse and attractive tourist areas and landscapes during your medical trip in Mashhad, and you can seek help from the Qaf team with experience in this field to make your trip less expensive, with better results, and enjoy your medical trip.


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