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Our lip surgery services, performed by experienced plastic surgeons specializing in facial procedures, offer personalized lip enhancement solutions. During a thorough consultation, our surgeons evaluate your lip structure and facial features to create a tailored treatment plan. A variety of techniques including lip fillers, implants or lifts meet your desired results.

For temporary enhancement, lip fillers add volume and definition, while lip implants offer a more permanent solution. A lip lift changes the shape of the upper lip, creating a balanced look or reducing a crooked smile. The procedure is safe and is usually performed as an outpatient treatment.

After surgery, our surgeons provide detailed care instructions for a smooth recovery. Our goal is to achieve natural-looking results that beautifully complement your facial features. At QAAPH, we ensure a supportive and comfortable experience throughout your lip surgery journey. Book a consultation today with our skilled plastic surgeons in Iran to explore the possibilities of achieving your dream lips.